Give us another chance?

Love Letter

Dear …

Since the day we said goodbye, the light in my life has been dimmed to dusk. No more color left; only shades of gray paint my world. A world devoid of happiness.

You are on my mind constantly. A day doesn’t pass by without my thoughts turning to you and remembering how vibrant life once was. I miss you terribly and I long endlessly for you. Trying to forget your memory and move on has been so difficult. No matter what I do, I still hear your voice in everything I do and catch myself searching for your face in the crowds.

Countless times I’ve replayed in my mind, those last __(moments/days/weeks/etc.)__ we had together. Each time is the same result… I die inside when I reach the part of those goodbyes. I don’t know why it took our breakup to make me realize that you were all I ever lived for. How could I have let this happen with the one person I love most in all the world?

My life has become so empty…I’m lost without you. I spend my days wondering if you still love me…wondering if you really are happy with your life right now. Is there some part of you that misses the love we shared? Do you ever think about me?

I must have been out of my mind not to recognize how I was hurting you. For everything I’ve done that caused our breakup, I am truly sorry. I would do anything to be given another chance for us, __(Name)__. You mean more to me than anything in this world.

Please give me a chance to prove to you how much I love you. Whatever it takes to hold us together, I will do. I am asking you to try to find forgiveness in your heart, to give us another chance. You are my life, __(Name)__, please don’t let what we shared together slip away forever.

Loving you always,