Thank You

Thanks for showing me love

Love Letter

My beloved...

Oh to experience the warmth of loving openly and without reservation. Thank you for showing me what true love is...for showing me that love is truly the greatest gift on earth. A gift meant to be cherished. I have now seen how miraculous love is. How it heals, comforts and warms the soul while bringing hope & light into our world.

I have learned from you, that ‘love’ is wanting to give your all, without expecting anything in return. It is seeing the world through your lover’s eyes and allowing yourself to change enough to be loved and to love. Thank you for showing me that ‘love’ means having a friend for a lifetime.

Thank you for showing me that love is a journey, not a destination. That love transports us to new dimensions. And through love, our life’s travels give us special memories that we will treasure forever. Thank you for sharing your love with me and showing me, that with love, dreams do come true.

From the very depths of my heart, I love you sweetheart.

Forever yours,

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