Broken up - Remaining Friends

Love Letter

Dear …

It has taken time to recover from our break up, but sometimes time is needed to heal our wounds. I’ve always thought highly of you, __(Name)__, and I believe that you and I both deserve a lot of happiness in our lives. You can’t know how glad I am, knowing that you agree that just because we were not able to find romantic bliss in each other, shouldn’t mean that a platonic friendship can’t bring us joy. I’m so happy to know that we are going to remain friends. That is the one thing I have missed the most over the last while; our friendship.

We always did have a great friendship going for us, didn’t we? We’d have the best conversations…talking about everything and nothing. Having pure fun is something we know how to do well too. I think that is hard to find someone we genuinely enjoy being in company with and I really am grateful that you and I don’t have to let that go.

It will be great spending time with you again, __(Name)__, just to hang out. One thing I have learned is for certain is, I have and always will cherish our friendship.