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Dear …

RE: __(Full Name & Address & Date of Birth/etc.)__ __(Reference #)__

I am questioning the credit rating score that __(name of organization #1)__ has assigned to my credit history account. Recently, I have been made aware that your organization has applied a credit rating score of __(#)__ to my name. This is surprising to me because it conflicts with the scores that other credit reporting companies have assigned to me. Therefore, I request that you provide me with the credit history details you have used to arrive at this rating.

According to my records, there should not be negative records of any kind, applied to my credit history. Since __(year)__, I have honored every credit obligation I have entered into, without any delays in repayment. Please be aware that the credit rating as of __(date)__, with __(name of organization #2)__, is __(score)__. I have also confirmed with them that my credit history is spotless. This, of course, is what has led me to question the information __(name of organization #1)__is basing their assessment on.

Please provide me with the full credit history details that you have on record for me. You may contact me at __(phone # / fax #)__ if you require more information. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

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