I’m so lost without you

Love Letter

My dearest ...

I don’t think you will ever understand the fire that burned in my heart for you. And now that fire has scorched and seared my heart. Why did things have to change from that beautiful place we once knew?

I can remember the first time I looked into your eyes. I had never been so entranced before. When you looked at me, you completely captured me leaving me speechless. And when we were close together, how we would travel off to a new world filled with beautiful thoughts and gentle touches. I miss the soft kisses we once shared. I miss your tender touch and the warm breath of your whispers.

I keep asking myself why that world that I loved so much, has disappeared. Now I feel so alone and empty...like I have lost my best friend. Your absence in my life is like a dark void that has overtaken my whole world. I am so lost without you, __(Name)__. I still love you more that anything in the world. Can we ever go back to what we once had?

Loving you always,