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Cover Letter for Real Estate Listing Agreement

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Sale of __(Land/Property/House)__ - __(brief description)__ Located at __(legal address)__

With reference to our discussion of __(date)__, I want to thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in me to act as your realtor for the sale of your __(type of building/property)__. In accordance with the terms we verbally agreed upon, please find enclosed the Real Estate Listing Agreement which details the listing. Kindly review this agreement and contact me at__(phone #)__ if you have any questions.

I would like to __(highlight/draw your attention to/etc.)__ some of the points included in the enclosed agreement as follows:

  1. __(briefly highlight point)__
  2. __(briefly highlight point)__
  3. __(briefly highlight point)__
  4. __(briefly highlight point)__

Once you’ve reviewed this Real Estate Listing Agreement, please sign and date it where indicated and then return __(the top two copies of it)__, to me at:

- __(address)__

- __(address)__

Again, thank you for choosing __(Name of Realty company)__ for your real estate needs. I really appreciate the opportunity to represent you in the sale of your __(type of building/property)__ and look forward to working with you.


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