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Birthday Thanks from One year-old Child

Personal Letter

Dear ….

Thank you for coming to my very first birthday party on __(Day: i.e. Friday/Saturday/etc.)__. Wasn’t it a fun day? There were so many things that were new for me. I won’t forget it...well I don’t think I will anyway….well if I do, Mommy and Daddy took lots of pictures so I can always remember my first birthday. They are really smart.

I really like being outside so I was happy to have my birthday party at the park. There was so much for me to look at. Picnic tables, swings, food, dogs, children…I didn’t know where to look next! Who brung all that stuff? I wonder who brung the sunshine. Was it you?

Good thing I am only one years old ‘cause it was easy to count the candles on my cake. And we got to eat the cake faster too ‘cause I only had to blow out one candles! Yippee! I like cake…it tastes really good!

I liked getting presents too! Thank you for the __(type of gift given)__ you gave me. It’s a good present because I get to __(briefly describe what the child will do with the gift…example, drive Mommy and Daddy crazy with the noise it makes, look really spiffy when I go out visiting/etc.)__.

Gee, birthdays are the best thing ever! I’m gonna have lots more of them! Presents and cake and fun and nice people like you, making me feel special. I’m glad somebody made birthdays and I hope you can come to my next one!

Bye-bye now.

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