Please come back

Love Letter

My dearest ...

Without you in my life, my heart dwells in darkness...a darkness cold and empty. I am alone yet I hear your voice in everything I do and I see your face every place I go. I love you so deeply and so completely that it would make angels weep at the thought of a love so pure being shattered.

Now I am broken...standing here, only half a person without you. My thoughts forever missing you, longing for you, aching for you. Never does a minute pass without me thinking of you. I love you more than you could ever know.

Do I dare ask you, beloved keeper of my heart, to free me from this dark abyss in which I lie? I need you, my love. I need your tender love, your warm embrace, your gentle caress...I need you to make me whole again.

Please deliver me from this despair of darkness. I hold out my hand and extend it to you. Please come back to me.

I love you always,