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We hope you enjoyed the __(Name of Trade Show)__ this year and appreciate the time you took to drop by our booth during your visit. Based on the interest you showed in our __(service/products)__ and the needs you indicated that you currently have, we are pleased to provide a quotation to you as __(follows: then briefly provide quote below / per the enclosed detailed proposal./ etc.)__

__(Name of company)__ has been offering __(type of products/services)__ to __(type of customers – i.e. consumers/retail outlets/type manufactures/etc.)__ for over __(#)__ years. With our __(type of advantage)__, __(no customer is too big or too small for us to accommodate/we can offer very competitive pricing on…/ etc.)__. Our __(clients/customers)__ always receive first rate service and we stand behind our __(products/service)__ with our __(type of warranty/guarantee)__.

We would welcome the opportunity to further discussions with you about what we can do for __(your company/Name of organization/etc.)__ and will contact you soon to arrange a convenient time for a __(telephone discussion/meeting)__. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at __(phone#/email address/etc.)__ if you have any questions.

Best regards,

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