In my sorrow I set you free

Love Letter

My beloved ...

Though I long to be close to you, to love you and to share my life with you, I know now that I cannot give you what you need and what you deserve. Oh how I wanted to be the one to comfort you, to kiss your tears away and tell you everything will be all right, yet I always failed you. It saddens my heart to see you unhappy.

As much as it tears me apart inside, I know I must set you free to bring back the smile to your radiant face. So fly my love, high into the blue horizons and find the oceans of happiness that you so richly deserve. I will remember your sweet love forever and always. From you, I learned to love. Now as I let you go, tears of sorrow escape from my eyes, for I know that from this day on, I shall continue loving you only in my dreams.

In my sorrow, I bid you farewell and disappear in the shadows forever.

Forever in my heart,