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Follow-up to Request for Copy of Your Records

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Reference Name/Number)__

With reference to our conversation of __(date)__, please be aware that I wish to personally review my __(transcript/records/etc.)__ in order to determine where the __(low scores/deficient grades/etc.)__ derived from. I have already verbally requested a copy of these records but have not yet received anything, hence my letter to you today.

As I mentioned to you, I am currently trying to __(briefly describe what you are trying to achieve)__ and it is evident, as we discussed, that I cannot proceed ahead with this when my __(type of records)__ exhibit such __(low scores/deficient grades/etc.)__. I am very anxious to get to the bottom of this and take whatever measures necessary to turn it around. For obvious reasons, the sooner I am able to identify the problem areas, the sooner I can take the appropriate action to __(rewrite the exam(s)/improve my…/etc.)__.

Therefore, I ask that you provide me with a copy of my __(type(s) of documentation)__ as quickly as possible. Kindly forward these documents to:

__(Name and address)__.

Thank you. I appreciate your attention to this matter.


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