Drifting Apart

Let’s deal with the issues before it’s too late

Love Letter

Dear …

Some days, like today, I find myself thinking about where we have been and where we are going. I find it hard not to yearn for the days we once shared together, as such a loving couple. It seems all those unresolved issues that have been swept under the carpet over time, have finally grown into a mountain. One that has become a huge blockade in our marriage.

We’ve stopped talking, we’ve stopped connecting and I fear that if we don’t get to the bottom of these issues soon, our very roles as husband and wife will also stop. I know you are busy with __(describe what has been keeping them busy – i.e. business)__, which I’m not denying is important, but I am asking you to remember that our marriage is also important. Lately, it feels like the only importance you have placed on me and our marriage is __(briefly describe what you feel your spouse is placing importance on)__.

Yet, I believe that we still have that same love in our hearts that first brought us together. We just need to stop everything for a moment and realize there are things we have to do to rekindle it. I need to feel that I am important in your life, because of the love we share, not only for__(raising the children/bringing home the bacon/the errands I run for you/etc.)__. I miss you, __(name)__. I miss you as my friend, I miss our talks and I really miss our special moments together.

As I reach out to you today, I am asking you to face the issues we have and please help us to remove this wedge between us, before it’s too late. I want you, I need you and I still love you with all my heart.

Your loving wife/husband,

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