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Dear …

RE: Request Permission to Attend __(Name of Seminar/Conference)__ Please accept this letter as my formal request to attend the __(Name of Seminar/Conference)__. One of the primary reasons I wish to attend this __(seminar/conference)__ is due to the type of __(training/education)__ it will afford. As an employee, my ambition is to be able to add more value to __(Name of Organization)__ by increasing my knowledge and skill levels and I believe that what I would take away from this __(seminar/conference)__, would help me to become a more productive employee.

I’m quite certain that my attendance at this __(seminar/conference)__ will prove to be beneficial both to __(Name of Organization)__ and to me in that the __(specific type of education/training)__ will heighten my ability to __(briefly describe how you will apply it to your job)__. In addition, learning __(about/to)__ __(type of knowledge/skill)__ will provide me with the means to __(briefly describe what it will allow you to do on the job)__.

During my employment with __(Name of Organization)__ so far, I think that I’ve proven to be a responsible employee with good work ethics. That is because my goal is to constantly grow as an individual and strive to become __(more proficient at my job/a better __type of position__/etc.)__. In order to do this, I know that I must actively pursue new skills through training and education opportunities. I see attending this __(seminar/conference)__ as one of those opportunities.

__(Attached/Enclosed)__ you will find particulars on the __(Name of Seminar/Conference)__. I thank you for considering my request to attend and will remain hopeful of your response.

Respectfully yours,

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