I can’t hide my tears

Love Letter

My dearest ...

Even the darkest hour of the night cannot hide my tears. When I dream of you, I awake to find tears falling from my eyes, for as each dream unfolds, the coldness of reality always sets in. You are gone...and with that, my world has disappeared.

From the very depths of my being, I ache for you. The moment we first met I knew that you were a gift of completeness to my life. The warmth of your smile, your gentle touch, your warm embrace...these still linger like sweet fragrances in the air that I breathe. I never knew of such an undying love like this before. You gave me the sweetest and the most dearest of memories.

I know that I need to make peace for myself and move on. I know that I must stop holding on, in order to repair this deep hole in my heart. And I know I must learn how to forget you, yet tears still fill my eyes whenever I think of you. I still die inside each time when I think about the loss of your love. I cannot forget you...I will never stop loving you...you are in my heart forever.

Loving you forever,