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Bad Service caused issuance of By-Law Violation

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Reimbursement of By-Law Violation Fine

I would like to bring your attention to a matter that has recently caused our company some grief and financial burden, due to a lack of __(tree trimming/trash removal/snow removal)__ service on __(date)__. Please find enclosed a copy of the __(contract/agreement)__ between __(name of your company)__ and __(name of maintenance company)__. You will also find enclosed a copy of the By-law violation ticket issued by the __(city/town/municipality)__ of __(name of city/town/municipality)__.

In accordance with the contract we have in place with your company, your __(tree trimming/trash removal/snow removal)__ service was supposed to be conducted at __(address)__ on __(date)__. Unfortunately, your company failed to provide this service on that date as required and as a result, our company has now been served with a __(type)__ By-Law violation penalty by the __(town/city/municipality)__.

As your company clearly failed to fulfill its contractual obligations, as outlined in the attached __(contract/agreement)__, I request that you fully reimburse __(name of your company)__ the amount of __($)__, which represents the fine for this By-law violation. In addition to this, I would appreciate an explanation of why this incident occurred in the first place. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

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