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Dear .

RE: Recommendation for __(First & Last Name)__

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for__(first & last name)__. I have had the fortunate opportunity to have __(him/her)__ working for me at __(name of organization)__ from __(month year)__ to present. During __(his/her)__ tenure here, I have always found __(him/her)__ to be a very conscientious, professional and hard-working young __(man/woman)__.

It is so refreshing to see a young employee with that level of maturity and one who possesses such a high degree of responsibility. __(He/She)__ is healthy in attitude and has a character of integrity. __(Name)__ strives for nothing short of excellence in all that __(he/she)__ does. __(He/She)__ also has a very outgoing and friendly personality and is always one that can be counted on. Overall, __(he/she)__ is a very helpful, intelligent, and ambitious individual who is a real pleasure to work with.

I believe that __(first name)__ deserves serious consideration for a scholarship at __(name of College/University)__. I have no doubt that __(he/she)__ will prove __(himself/herself)__ to be an outstanding student and I wish __(him/her)__ the greatest success.


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