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Thanks for Lifetime Achievement Award

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Lifetime Achievement Award

Please allow me to extend my warmest thanks to __(the team members/the Board of Directors/etc.)__ of __(name of Organization)__ for honoring me with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. It is overwhelming to be thought of in such high esteem.

Though there are many reasons I have spent a good part of my life __(briefly describe the efforts you’ve been awarded for)__, one of the primary reasons I’ve given so much time to __(type of project/cause/research/etc.)__ is __(give the main reason you have given such effort to this project/cause/research/etc.)__. I am convinced that __(briefly describe what the ultimate goal has been – example: there will be a cure found for…)__. Belief, persistence and passion, from all those involved in this __(project/cause/research/etc)__, is what will eventually see us through to the breakthrough we’ve all been working so hard towards.

A strong passion for __(type of project/cause/research/etc.)__ still burns inside me which continues to drive me to offer my best efforts to __(Name of Organization.)__. I am a highly ambitious individual with a tremendous enthusiasm for __(type of project/cause/research/etc.)__, and I will continue to __(briefly describe what you do for this organization)__ for many years to come. Working with such a fine team of individuals at __(Name of Organization)__ has been such great inspiration to me and I look forward to working with all of you long into the future. It is a privilege and a great honor to be the recipient of this Lifetime Achievement Award. Thank you, again, to each of you, for this tremendous tribute you’ve awarded me with.


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