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Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: Mail to: __(Name and postal or email address)__

I am writing to you to request that you immediately remove the above mentioned name and address from your mailing list so that I will no longer receive mail from your organization. The volume of advertisement mailings that I receive from your company on a regular basis, such as__(briefly list types of mail you are receiving)__, has reached intolerable levels. It has become increasingly inconvenient for me to deal with the massive amounts of unwelcome mail that I continuously receive from your organization and I am no longer willing to stand for it.

Please accept this as my formal complaint to __(name of organization)__with explicit instructions to cease and desist from sending any further mailings to my __(postal/email)__ address as mentioned above. I trust that you will make the necessary arrangements to comply with my request and look forward to your acknowledging response.

Yours truly,

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