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Appeal Declination of Student Loan

Career Letter

Dear …

Re: Student Loan Application – Reference #

Recently I applied for a Student Loan through __(name of financial institution/company)__. Unfortunately, I have now received notification from your organization advising me that my application for this loan has been declined, based on __(briefly give reason)__. I was both surprised and very disappointed at this news and felt that I must present my case to you for appeal of this decision.

The reason I was unable to complete my __(name of degree/course)__ in __(year)__ was because __(explain why this happened)__. Regrettably, __(this/these)__ life-altering event(s) forced me to discontinue my classes at __(Name of School)__. You can’t know how disappointing that was for me. When I explained my situation to __(Name)__ at that time, __(he/she)__ told me __(give brief response from that person)__.

Over the years, I kept looking forward to the day that I would finally be able to pursue my dream again of obtaining my __(type of degree)__. After __(describe what had to happen first)__, I was ecstatic to know that my time had finally come. Once again, I have the opportunity to __(re-enroll in type courses/program/etc.)__. I can only hope that this dream will not be taken from me a second time.

I am asking you for your compassion in this situation; to kindly take into consideration that life can sometimes hold us hostage for a while, interrupting our best laid plans. The turn of events that put my education on hold for __(length of time)__, were completely out of my control. Therefore, I am asking you to reconsider my application for a Student Loan so that I may, at long last, fulfill my life-long dream of getting my __(type of degree)__ degree.

Thank you for seriously contemplating my request. I will remain hopeful of your decision and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

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