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Appeal Denial of coverage under Extended Warranty

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Extended Warranty for __(name of product)__

Recently, I was notified that the __(briefly describe type of repairs)__ repairs to my __(name of product)__ will not being honored by the __(#)__ __(day/year)__ Extended Warranty that I purchased on __(date)__. I am both surprised and disappointed as to why the cost of __(this/these)__ repair(s) is being denied. The very reason I purchased this Extended Warranty is to have coverage in the event these types of unexpected

__(breakdowns/malfunctions/deficiencies/etc.)__ should occur.

Please accept this as my written notification of appeal to that decision. Under the terms of the Extended Warranty Agreement, I see no reason why extension of coverage for this repair would be denied. Allow me to refer you to the section of this Warranty where it clearly states that __(this type/these types)__ of repair(s) should be covered:

__(Enter section & paragraph #)__: “__(enter that section, exactly how it reads in the contract as it pertains to the situation at hand)__.”

I ask you to conduct an investigation into this matter and provide me with an explanation as to why this situation has occurred. Thank you for your quick response to this matter.


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