Our would-be Anniversary - Is there a chance?

Love Letter

My dearest ...

It is the eve of what would have been our anniversary. As I lay in bed alone, I am not able to sleep for the thoughts of you. Tears swell in my eyes as my memories take me to the moment of our first kiss. I remember the instant our lips met; the world around us slipped away leaving us in a new world of passion and bliss. On that very night, every beat my heart whispered to me, "This is your true love."

And now there is only emptiness where love once dwelled. Oh how I hurt inside; how I ache for you, for the touch of your sweet hand, for your warm embrace. I can’t seem to release myself of the memory of the powerful passion that we shared together. I can’t forget the memory of looking into your eyes and feeling the immense love between us. I can’t forget our first kiss. I can’t forget you, my love.

Has the pain I caused you completely ended any chance for our love to grow together, once again? Will I be forever left with only memories of our love? Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me and rescue me from this place of loneliness and pain? I need you so, my darling, __(Name)__. I love you so.

Loving you always,