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Career Letter

Dear ...

__(#)__ months have already passed now since I joined __(Name of Organization)__. Reflecting back, I am glad to be able to say that I find my work here quite enjoyable and that I’ve welcomed all the challenges of the job so far. From my perspective, it appears that __(I have/my department has)__ been accomplishing the all the goals that were initially set, and in some cases, __(have/has)__ even exceeded objectives. I would, however, greatly appreciate your feedback on my work performance sooner than later, making certain that we are both on the same page.

Though, I believe my performance levels are where they ought to be, I just want to ensure that I clearly understand what your expectations are. Therefore, I am respectfully requesting a formal __(#)__-month performance review with you. I’m asking you to set aside a _(length of time i.e. one hour)__block of time for me to sit down and discuss these things with you. For your convenience, I have taken the liberty of preparing a list of the initial goals that I had set for this year, along with the respective status of each. (Please see attached).

Thank you for considering this request, __(Name)__. I hope to hear from you soon with a time arranged for this performance review and am looking forward to our meeting.

Respectfully yours,

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