We grew apart

Love Letter

My dear ...

Love is the greatest of beautiful emotions and yet bears the most sorrow. Each morning as I look at my reflection in the mirror I see that these eyes have not been filled with happiness for a long time. What has become of us? Time changes relationships in many different ways. As we stretch and grow in our lives, we become who we are today. Sometimes we simply just grow apart. Even as we try to hold on to the past, we cannot mold ourselves to fulfill another’s needs and dreams.

It’s time to let go. This is not easy for me to do, but I must ask you to let me go now. There is no in between about love for me. I must give totally or it is an injustice to our relationship. It is time for us to move on with our lives, separately.

Please remember us as two people who shared a great love for as long as time would allow. I will cherish the love we had forever. As I say good-bye, I wish you joy and happiness in your life.

Remembering you always,