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Warning to Customer - Inappropriate Behavior

Business Letter

Dear …

__(Name of Organization)__ has been offering __(type of service)__ to __(customers/consumers/the public/etc)__ for __(#)__ years now. Our __(customer service representatives/staff members in the __(type of department/division)__ are all highly trained to help customers with their __(briefly describe what they do)__, efficiently and professionally. We take pride in providing our customers with first-rate service.

I have learned of a recent incident, however, that is very disturbing. It has come to my attention that on your last visit to our office on __(date)__, the behavior you demonstrated was less than desirable. Witnesses have informed me that one of our __(customer service

representatives/employees/etc.)__ was trying to offer you an explanation of a situation that was troubling to you. It is reported that you would not accept any of __(his/her)__ attempts to explain the situation to you and, instead, you became rude and disruptive to others in the area. Please be aware that __(name of organization)__does not allow our employees to be treated disrespectfully. Neither, will we allow our other customers to be subjected to these kinds of outbursts. This type of conduct is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Any future incidents of this nature on your part will be reason for __(termination of your account with us/banning you from visiting our store/etc.)__.

Yours truly,

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