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Annual Budget Report enclosed for Supporters

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Please find enclosed __(name of organization’s)__ Annual Budget Report for the upcoming year fiscal year, __(date to date)__. We are pleased to have stayed within budget over the last year and have based our new budget on __(a projected growth of % / etc.)__. The great support and successes we experienced in the last year, has encouraged us to move into our new year with confidence.

As you browse through the new Annual Budget Report, you will note __(areas of significant change/there is little or no change/an increase of % /etc.)__ in the __(briefly point out one or two areas that you wish to bring to their attention)__. This is because we anticipate __(briefly describe what you anticipate or project that justifies the statement in the previous sentence)__.

Our research into __(list area(s)__ has shown us that __(briefly describe the fact(s) substantiating your budget for these areas)__.

__(Name of organization)__ remains committed to __(briefly describe your cause)__ and we are looking forward to another exciting year ahead. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support and encouragement over the last __(# years/year)__. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and vital to the success of our organization. It is our privilege to be able to look forward to your continued support.

Best wishes,

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