Stop harassing me - I’ve hired an attorney

Love Letter

Dear …

It is always hard to accept when a relationship has come to its final end, especially when it was a very long term one, like ours was. Though there has been a lot of water under the bridge between us, I am not a proponent of nasty and threatening behavior while we are trying to split up the assets that we accumulated during our relationship. I would rather have dealt with you on these issues in an more amicable manner, however, it appears that it is not possible.

It has become quite obvious that we cannot agree on a fair split of our assets, which has left us no alternative but to hire lawyers to help us settle this legally. I am currently in the midst of securing an attorney who will be in contact with you soon regarding the settlement of our property. Please be advised that I will be passing along all of your previous communications to my attorney and this will be my last direct communication to you.

I will no longer respond to any of your communications, __(Name)__, including your threats to me, regardless of what form they come in. Please consider this letter as my final warning to you to immediately cease and desist with all the harassing emails and phone calls that you are making to my residence, to my place of business and to my friends. It is not my wish to go to the extent of having a Restraining Order placed on you, however, I will not hesitate to proceed with one if you continue with your harassments.

My attorney will be in touch with you soon and from now on, all communication must be directed to __(him/her)__.

Yours truly,