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Letting the past go to love again

Love Letter

My dear …

Today I found myself thinking about you again as I do with each day that moves into the next. Day by day, week by week, I feel myself drawn closer to you. Whenever I think about all the wonderful times we have together, it makes me want to be with you all the time. The magic of being in your arms is indescribable.

Yet, somehow, I sense you pulling back. Perhaps it is in fear of falling in love and being hurt again. Oh, __(name)__, I wish there was something I could do or say to you that could convince you that I am not here to hurt you. Life is not always about pain and suffering. Not all those who love you will hurt you.

I do know that there are times we get hurt so badly that we don’t think we will ever recover. But our Lord, who loves us so much, assures us that all these things too shall pass. It is not God’s intent that we dwell too long in the past, holding on to old sorrows. He wants us to live life and live it abundantly. Too many people live in the past, clinging to old hurts.

Plagued by rejection and jealousies, they are weighed down by bitterness and haunted by old resentments and hostilities. Such unrelenting memories will bend our spirit, our emotions and our heart. God, however, never intended for His children to live with such burdens.

He wants each of us to ask Him, "What are your plans for my life?" Then He wants us to delight in the Lord, expecting Him to intervene. (Psalm 37:4). And when you do this, life becomes exciting and you will discover that you have more energy, more stamina, more faith, more love and life in abundance. Your whole world changes! God has wonderful plans for each one of His children.

I care for you so deeply, __(name)__, and I am anxiously waiting for the day that you make the choice to trust in God with your future, with our future. I pray that you will trust Him with to develop this love that we share together. For with His help, all is possible. We can freely love again.

With all my heart,

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