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Addressing the Arrogant Behavior of a Co-Worker

Career Letter

Dear …

This letter is very difficult for me to write, but none-the-less, I have decided that it is time this situation was addressed. Please keep in mind, that it is for the good of the __(team/department/etc)__ as a whole, that I bring this to your attention.

All the members __(of this team/in this department/etc.)__ are very conscientious about working together in a harmonious environment here, however, we’ve noticed that you are just not buying in to this concept. Rather, it has been noticed that you seem to actually pull away from the “team approach” to things, believing that you are the only one with anything valuable to contribute. Not only has this attitude created a negative environment for us to work in, it is actually now affecting the overall __(efficiency of our department/customer service/etc.)__.

Your manner comes across as quite arrogant, __(Name)__, projecting a total lack of respect for the other members of this __(department/team/office/etc)__. As a result, animosity is quickly growing towards you from your co-workers. Regrettably, it has reached a point of intolerance.

I am coming to you with this private letter as a plea to you to recognize what is happening here and to ask you to make some adjustments in the way that you communicate to your fellow __(team mates/co-workers)__. All of us are on the same side here and we do want you to be part of our team. We ask only that you acknowledge that we all add value to __(this department/the team/company/etc.)__ and that we all deserve our due respect.

I thank you in advance for understanding this very awkward situation and for your willingness to put aside any hurt feelings or pride over having it brought to your attention. We really do want to work with you as a team player, __(Name)__, and we remain hopeful that our __(department/office/etc)__ will return to an enjoyable work environment soon.


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