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Employee Performance level down

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Dear …

I would like to bring forward some issues that have come to my attention, concerning your recent performance. I have received feedback from various sources regarding the following issues:

  1. (description of issue #1)
  2. (description of issue #2)

In most cases where performance has slipped, I have found that there is something in the employee’s life that has taken precedence over their job. While we all have issues in our lives that we must deal with, we must also try to bring normality back to our jobs as quickly as possible.

I know how hard you work, __(employee’s name) __, and how seriously you take your job. One has to only look at your past performance to know that you are not currently performing to your usual high standards. I greatly value you as a member of my team and would like to help you get back on track.

I have set aside __ (date & time) __ for a one-to-one discussion with you in hopes that we may, together, come up with a plan to bring your performance level back up to where it should be. Please get back to me with confirmation of our scheduled meeting.


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