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Letter to Bank Accompanying Personal Financials

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name)__ - Personal Financial Statements

In accordance with your request, I am pleased to enclose a copy of my Personal Financial Statements herewith.

I would also like to take this opportunity to give you a brief reference on my personal character. Known by others as a responsible individual, I am someone who is __(briefly give some details about yourself – i.e. – honest/dependable/etc. / I have a stable home life- married with # children /etc.)__. I have held steady employment for __(#)__ years and am currently employed with __(name of employer)__ as __(name of position)__. My position with them is very secure and they would be happy to provide a reference to that effect if need be.

As you will note in my Financial Statements, I have managed my money fairly well over the years. I have also built a solid reputation with other financial institutions and credit card companies that gives me the track record of being a good financial risk. I am known to be very conscientious of making timely remittances in my repayment of any monies owing.

The reason I am looking at securing a __(loan/mortgage/etc.)__ through __(name of bank)__ is because __(briefly describe reason – i.e. you offer the best interest rate/service etc.)__. I thank you for considering my application for a __( type loan/mortgage/etc.)__ and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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