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Testimonial of Services Received

Testimonial of Services Received

Business Letter

Dear …

I take pleasure in taking this opportunity to acknowledge and commend __(Name of Company)__ for the superior __(type of service)__ service they provide to our organization. In __(month & year)__, our organization contracted this company to provide __(briefly describe the type of project you hired them for - Example: the design, installation and maintenance of all the landscaping in front of our building)__. We are immensely happy with the job they’ve done for us.

From what we’ve observed to date, every one of __(Name of Company’s)__ employees who have worked on our __(type of project)__ are visibly committed to their work. It’s evident that these people are experts in their field and have proven themselves to be very dependable. Never, do we have to worry about supervising or managing them. The company is very proactive and keeps good lines of communication open with us at all times. We’ve found them to be exceptionally accommodating—willing to make whatever adjustments necessary to meet our unique needs.

It is quite refreshing to see a __(type of service)__company so committed to providing excellent service. There’s no doubt that __(Name of Company)__ sits at the top of the list when it comes to the best __(type of service)__ service in __(location)__. They consistently deliver the highest level of service, while at the same time offering the best solutions in design and budget. This is a company that has earned both our trust and respect.

Without hesitation, I would recommend __(Name of Company)__ to anyone.

Yours truly,

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