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Dear ...

RE: Director of Marketing position

I believe that an effective Marketing Director needs to possess a marketing vision that is wide enough in range to be able to tap into existing marketing channels as well as create new ones. As a Marketing Director with these qualifications, my success lies in my ability to evaluate each of these channels, determine the most appropriate mix of marketing tools, and create the kind of campaigns that deliver results.

Please consider the following highlights of my experience, talents and skills that I would bring to your organization.

As my enclosed résumé outlines, I have successfully directed the strategic planning, development and implementation of marketing programs designed to accelerate business.

My ability to build and lead cross-functional teams of creative design, marketing and management personnel has been critical to the successful performance of the marketing campaigns that I have directed.

I have led marketing programs that have produced significant profitability through periods of rapid growth and expansion, to meet the needs of aggressive corporate initiatives.

For over __ (#)__ years I have coordinated marketing promotions and strategies that have yielded significant results. At this juncture in my career, I am seeking new professional challenges where I can provide creative Senior Level Marketing expertise. I would welcome the opportunity to meet, discuss and explore the possible merging of my talent, experience and enthusiasm, with your organizational marketing needs. Please feel free to contact me at __(phone #)__ during the day or __(phone #)__ evenings.


__(your name)__

Enclosure: Résumé

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