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Employer requesting employee`s Jury Duty release

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Dear …

Re: Jury Duty - __(Name)__ - (reference #/date)__

I am writing to you to advise you of a situation we have found ourselves in as a result of a recent “jury duty” call to one of our employees. __(name)__ was called to sit as a jury member effective __(date)__ for an undetermined period of time. I must make you aware that the absence of __(name)__ from __(his/her)__ position in our company at this time would be seriously detrimental to our organization.

__(Mr./Ms name)__ currently acts in the capacity of __(position type)__ for __(name of company)__. The functions of this position are absolutely vital to the operation of our company and requires the daily presence of our __(position type)__. It requires an individual with significant professional training and experience to take on this essential role in our company and we would suffer severe hardship if the position is left vacant for any period of time. Though we do have a back up system in place with another employee of ours, to step into the position temporarily while __(name)__ is away, this employee, unfortunately, is __(explain why this person can’t fill in)__. Therefore, __(he/she)__is unable to fill the position of __(position type)__ during an immediate absence of __(name)__.

We are asking for the court’s understanding of this critical situation we find ourselves in and ask that you be willing to release __(name)__ from the call to jury duty at this time. Please feel free to contact me directly at __(phone #/fax #)__ for any additional information you may require. We thank you in advance for your consideration to this request.

Respectfully yours,

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