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Debut Birthday Message – Spiritual

Personal Letter


It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest birthday wishes to you today, the day of your debut. And as I look upon you today, this beautiful girl making the transition into a lovely young woman, my heart smiles. You are picture perfect, my dear __(Name)__.

I must say, watching you grow over the years into the wonderful person you are has been delightful for me. The respect you hold for your parents is admirable and in faith, you have wisely chosen God to guide your life. I see you as ever the helpful and responsible young woman; caring, loving and respectful in all that you do. It makes me wonder if you know how much joy you bring to God, your family and the lives of others.

Today, as 18 candles are lit, representing the years of your life and illuminating the road that brought you thus far to womanhood, we will be reminded of the many wonderful memories you have given us. As brilliant as these candles are, never could they shine as brightly as that special light you carry inside of you, __(Name)__. In all that you’ve been and in all that you are, we are so very proud.

May God bless you and continue to guide you as you set out on life’s journey. Happy birthday and congratulations on your debut!

All my love,

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