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RE: __(# Quarter/Fiscal Year-End)__ Results Enclosed, please find the Financial Report for __(Name of Corporation)__ for the period ending __(date)__. We ask that you take a moment to review it. You will note that in the __(#)__ quarter, we __(describe highlight of the quarter)__.

On behalf of the senior management team, I am pleased to announce that we have accomplished all of our stated goals __(this year/so far into this year/etc.)__. In fact, we have even managed to surpass __(one/some)__ of our goals by __(briefly describe how you passed goal(s)__. __(Over the next –length of time, our objective is to…./By year end, we expect to …./etc.)__.

__(Name of corporation)__ is currently on track with budget and goals. It is important to point out at this time, that if the current trend(s) of __(type of economic/other condition(s)__ __(remain the same/continue to rise/etc.)__, we should see __(describe what should happen - i.e. record profits)__ by __(end of this fiscal year/ time of year/etc.)__.

Along with all of our shareholders, we are looking forward to the continued success of __(Name of Corporation)__.

Respectfully yours,

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