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Business Letter

Dear …

We appreciate the opportunities you have given to us to provide you with your __(type of service)__ requirements.

The extensive experience, knowledge and care goes into each __(project/job)__ is what has earned us our reputation as the __(type of business)__ of choice for all your __(type of service)__ needs. Our team of professionals place great emphasis on quality workmanship and quick turn around time for our customers. We take pride in knowing that we are able to continue achieving this while remaining competitively priced.

We continue to offer our core services including:

- (Service #1)

- (Service #2)

- (Service #3)

- (Service #4)

We now also offer extended services that include:

- (Extended service #1)

- (Extended service #2)

The positive feedback that we repeatedly receive from our satisfied customers ensures us that we are providing the kind of service they are looking for. Listed below are some of the testimonies we have recently received.

- (testimony #1 from client)

- (testimony #2 from client)

We know that we’ve completed our job only when our customers are happy. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you how our expertise can work for you. It’s been a pleasure serving you and we look forward to being of service to you again soon.

Yours truly,

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