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Dear …

Please allow me to apologize to you for the words I spoke to you, directly before my departure from __(Name of Organization)__ on __(date)__. I was extremely upset that day, learning of the layoff, but that is no excuse for the bad behavior I demonstrated. There hasn’t been a day pass by, that I have not regretted how I acted and what I said to you. I am truly sorry. I have always wanted to return to __(Name of Organization)__ as I always felt I was treated fairly there. Now, I am asking you to forgive me for my bad behavior and consider hiring me back. If given the chance, I would like to prove to you that I really am the kind of employee you want on your team.

I have more to offer you now as I have obtained formal education in the area of __(type of field)__. Over the past __(#)__ years, I have been attending __(Name of School)__. Realizing that I didn’t have the education required to take on a __(type of position)__, I decided that the most prudent thing for me to do was to get some formal education. On __(date)__, I graduated from the __(Name of Program)__ program at __(Name of School)__, with a __(type of degree/license/etc.)__.

Please consider what I can offer to __(Name of Organization)__:

  1. __(Briefly describe skill)__
  2. __(Briefly describe skill)__
  3. __(Briefly describe skill)__
  4. __(Briefly describe skill)__

I am prepared to give everything I can to my work, __(Name)__. You would not be disappointed with a decision to rehire me; that I can assure you. I thank you in advance for your kind consideration and remain hopeful of your decision. Please feel free to contact me at __(phone #)__ anytime.


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