Severe dissention within Mgmt Team

Career Letter

Dear …

It grieves me to have to inform you of a very troubling situation that is currently taking place at __(Name of Organization)__.

Over the past __(length of time)__, we have seen a rapid deterioration of our management team. There is tremendous discord amongst the individual members of the management team, which has now reached alarming levels. __(# spelled out – i.e. three)__ of the managers are currently not even speaking to each other at all and as a result, this organization is being run as though it were __(# spelled out – i.e. three)__ separate entities. The dissention amongst these managers has negatively affected the entire morale at __(Name of Organization)__. Employees are quite concerned over the clear lack of leadership here.

And if that were not bad enough, rumor has it that ____(briefly describe what else is taking place)__. Employees fear that if corrective measures are not implemented very soon, the dire consequences will be astronomical. Hence, this letter to you. I am hopeful that this message will initiate an investigation by the Board of Directors into the situation sooner than later. Most of us fear that the inevitable fall-out will soon become our reality if this is not addressed quickly. On behalf of all the concerned employees at __(Name of Organization)__, I thank you for looking into this matter.

Respectfully yours,