Co-Worker’s Verbal Threats and Attack

Career Letter

Dear …

I would like to bring to your attention a serious situation that recently occurred. On __(date)__, I was the victim of a vicious verbal attack and threats from one of my co-workers.

While __(briefly describe what you were doing or said)__, __(name)__ __(briefly describe what he/she said)__ and then threatened to __(type of threats made)__. This is not an acceptable situation for anyone to have to deal with, particularly in the work environment. Naturally, this is very alarming to me and has now left me concerned about my own safety.

__(Name’s)__ dangerous and explosive behavior was ignited without provocation. This, I believe, makes __(him/her)__ a threat to this __(department/company/etc.)__. For obvious reasons, I am very uncomfortable to work with this individual. In the event this ever happens again, I am prepared to take it to the authorities to press charges.

I ask you to investigate this situation as quickly as possible and to consider placing me __(on a different team/in a different area/etc.)__. Thank you for your quick response to this matter and for taking my safety into consideration.