Requesting Investigation from Board of Directors

Career Letter

Dear …

I am writing this letter in regards to a disturbing situation that is presently occurring at __(Name of Organization)__. My colleagues and I have observed over the last __(length of time)__, a cover-up of wrongful acts by a certain individual in management. Please allow me to elaborate on this situation as follows:

__(Here briefly explain the wrongful acts that are taking place)__.

This situation has been going on undetected by Senior Executive Management because __(describe how it is being covered up)__. Due to the severe lack of appropriate leadership in the __(type of area)__, corrective action has not, and apparently will not be taken. For obvious reasons, this is completely unacceptable to the employees of __(Name of Organization)__ and many of them are now ready to blow the whistle on this whole issue through legal action and by taking it public.

In a last attempt to see justice done before this spirals even more out of control, I respectfully request that an investigation into this situation be initiated by the Board of Directors. On behalf of the employees of __(Name of Organization)__, please accept my thanks in advance for all your help in this matter. We hope that an intervention by our Board of Directors will be instrumental in resolving this situation quickly.

Respectfully yours,