Complaint about Human Resources Staff Member

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Human Resources – Poor Investigation

Though I regret having to write this letter, I am convinced that it is the right thing to. It has come to my attention that a grave injustice was recently committed by an individual in the Human Resources department and as such, it should not go unnoticed.

From what I understand, members of our Human Resources department are to remain unbiased when conducting investigations into “alleged” unacceptable behavioral cases of employees. I take this to mean that when one employee alleges that another employee is guilty of such inappropriate behavior that dismissal is imminent, a thorough and unbiased investigation will be launched by the Human Resources department. Such investigation to be professionally conducted in order to reveal all the underlying facets of the situation ensuring, firstly, that there is actual merit to the allegation and, secondly, that appropriate action is taken.

A recent situation reveals, however, that __(Name of Human Resources person)__ of our Human Resources department, failed to remain unbiased in __(his/her)__ investigation of an employee’s alleged inappropriate behavior. In this case, __(Name of employee accused)__ was accused of __(briefly describe what the employee was accused of doing)__ by __(Name of employee making the allegations)__. __(Name of Human Resources person)__ investigated the case and claimed that __(he/she)__ remained fair and just throughout.

The truth is, however, right from the start of the investigation, __(Name of Human Resources person)__blatantly demonstrated animosity towards the accused employee, even refusing to interview __(him/her)__. In other words, the accused employee was not given a chance to comment on the situation on __(his/her)__ own behalf. Instead, this Human Resources staff member interviewed only __(Name of accuser)__, who was alleging the __(type of inappropriate behavior)__. Fact is, the only exchange of dialogue that __(Name of Human Resources person)__ actually had with __(Name of accused employee)__, was to advise __(him/her)__ that she was fired.

It was very apparent to others that __(Name’s)__ dismissal was completely unfounded and, subsequently, __(his/her)__ employment was reinstated by __(Name/name of position/etc.)__, who has higher ranking in the __(company/type of department/etc.)__. __(Name of Human Resources person)__ clearly did not have proven grounds to terminate this employee and made that decision strictly from a biased stand point. This obviously reflects very poorly on our Human Resources department and I thought that you ought to know what occurred here so that you may have opportunity to address it should you choose to do so.

Respectfully yours,