Reconsider Cost-Cutting Measure

Career Letter

Dear …

While understanding that costs must be cut during this __(recession/economic downturn/etc.)__, the __(type of positions)__ are collectively asking you to reconsider __(briefly describe the current cost cut)__. __(Type of positions)__ are key employees to this organization and such a cut will, with certainty, result in poor morale which will ultimately affect performance levels. Without a doubt, it will create a rift between senior management and the team of __(type of positions)__.

We ask that you look instead for alternative ways to cut costs. It is our consensus that__(briefly describe the cost cut)__ is not the right way to offset costs here as it will only negatively impact the success of the company. But by coordinating with __(type of positions)__, we believe that we can help to come up with better solutions to reducing costs.

We all have a stake in this and look forward to coming up with more mutually beneficial solutions during this temporary difficult time.

Respectfully yours,