Complaint about Manager

Career Letter

Dear …

I have been a loyal and conscientious employee of this company for the past __(# years/months)__ and I feel that I deserve to be treated far better than I have been by my current manager. I am writing this letter to you as a formal complaint against my manager, __(first & last name of manager)__.

It has become increasingly difficult for me to remain happy in my present position because of the negativity that I continuously receive from my manager. No matter how well I perform in my job, my performance level is never recognized by __(him/her)__. Instead, __(he/she)__ only looks for negative things about me, usually insignificant things, that __(he/she)__ can complain about. I feel that __(he/she)__ is preventing me from growing and progressing with my career and that has been extremely discouraging to me.

Over the past __(# months/weeks)__ it has become very clear to me that __(manager’s name)__ does not hold my other team members to the same rules and regulations as __(he/she)__ holds me. __(He/She)__ often singles me out on the most trivial issues to reprimand me. I do not understand why __(he/she)__ is doing this to me and I find it extremely disturbing.

I find that __(name)__ pushes past the point of being reasonable. It has become so bad that __(he/she)__ is now even timing my washroom breaks. Though __(he/she)__ is always allegedly quoting from the Company Employee Handbook, I have never yet found a rule in that book that empowers a manager to decide the length of a washroom break for one of their subordinates. This is very belittling to me.

I am asking you to help me resolve this situation and to consider an alternative of placing me on a different team. I thank you in advance for looking into this matter on my behalf.

Respectfully yours,