Letter to Co-worker - Not pulling load

Career Letter

Dear …

Though this is difficult for me to do, I have decided to write this letter to you as my final request for your cooperation as a team player in our office. All the members of this __(type)__ office are very conscientious about pulling together and helping out where and whenever needed as it relates to __(customer service/meeting deadlines/etc.)__. It has been noticed, however, that you have not been willing to apply yourself with this same ‘team effort’ approach. Not only does this cause problems with __(the efficiency of our office/customer service/etc.)__, I see animosity growing towards you by those co-workers who always have to cover for you.

As you are aware, __(briefly describe what is expected of the department)__. Being part of this team, you are also required to __(briefly describe what individual is required to do)__. You should not have to be asked by one of your colleagues, to __(serve a customer/answer the phone/perform this task/etc.)__ whenever __(the front desk is not manned/over lunch and coffee breaks/etc.)__. We have done everything we can to encourage you to become a team player in this office, yet we have seen that your willingness to participate as such, is not mutual.

As one of your fellow co-workers who enjoys working with you, __(name)__, I am coming to you with this private letter as my final plea to you for your cooperation. We all want you to be part of our team and ask only for your equal contributions. All of us are on the same side here and all we want is for you to come on board with us. We have a pretty good team here and we want our office to remain a pleasant place to work in.

I thank you in advance for understanding this delicate situation we have on our hands and for your willingness to put aside any hurt feelings or pride over this and just join our team. That’s all we want, __(Name)__, and are looking forward to working with you in the future.