Intent to Appeal Performance Evaluation

Career Letter

Dear …

I am writing this letter to you to inform you of my intent to appeal my latest __(type of)__ Performance __(Appraisal/Evaluation/etc.)__, issued by __( Name of Supervisor/Superior)__ on __(date)__. Please be aware that I strongly refute the allegations made by __( Name of Supervisor/Superior)__ that I did not perform my tasks up to standard. In fact, I believe that I’ve gone above and beyond my call of duty, ensuring that my tasks are done exceptionally well and that I keep ahead of deadlines with all tasks assigned to me.

Never, in the history of my duty __(with name of Organization/as a -type of- position/etc.)__ have I ever been rated as failing in any of my assigned tasks. On the contrary; I have always efficiently managed __(each one of my assigned tasks/the -type of- department/etc.)__ effectively complying with, and in some cases exceeding, the performance standards issued to me by my superiors. My track record stands before me.

In trying to comprehend this implausible performance rating by __(Name of Supervisor/Superior)__, I have come to the conclusion that one of the problems herein lies with __(his/her)__ direct lack of communication with assigning certain tasks to me. Attached you will find three lists:

  1. A list of all tasks that were formally assigned to me, along with their corresponding performance standards, issued by __(Name of Supervisor/Superior)__.
  3. A detailed description of how I completed each task.
  4. A list of my other significant contributions that were completed without the guidance or any assistance from my rater, __(Name of Supervisor/Superior)__.

I do recall at one time __(Name of Supervisor/Superior)__ specifically telling me that __(he/she)__ would provide me with guidance on any future additional duties that would be assigned to me. That never came to pass. Instead, whenever I noticed that a new operation had been implemented in my __(department/facility/etc.)__, I always had to go to __(name(s) of other people)__ to find out what it was about, because __(Name of Supervisor/Superior)__ was unavailable for explanation. For the record, there never was any formal assignment of additional tasks for me related to these new operations, much less the issuance of any corresponding performance standards. How then is it reasonable to be rated as failing in these tasks? I emphatically believe that I was actually set up to fail by __(Name of Supervisor/Superior)__.

Throughout my career with __(Name of Organization)__, I have done everything possible to go above and beyond my call of duty for my superiors. Therefore, I am requesting that you investigate this situation and consider reversing the violation that has been placed on my record. If you choose to allow this penalty rating to remain on __(my record/ Type of evaluation/etc.)__, I request that you provide me with the date, time and location where I may officially present my case for appeal.

__(Please be aware that I will also be pursuing counseling regarding the discrimination and harassment that I experienced from __(Name of Supervisor/Superior)__. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours,