Complaint against Interviewer`s conduct

Career Letter

Dear …

I am writing to you as a follow up to a telephone conversation I had with you on __(date)__. That conversation left me feeling very disturbed and I am compelled to let you know why.

Firstly, when I had applied for the __(type of position)__ position with __(name of company)__, I did so based on the requirements as stated in the __(newspaper ad/job posting/application etc)__. In the __(newspaper ad/job posting/application/etc.)__ it specifically stated that the education requirements for this position are __(describe the education requirements)__. Yet in my conversation with you, you advised me that __(briefly describe what was said that was in disagreement with what the job posting stated)__. I can’t imagine why you would deliberately disclose incorrect information to me.

Secondly, I felt that the manner in which spoke to me was very condescending, even though I do, in fact, possess the educational qualifications as indicated in the __(newspaper ad/job posting/application/etc.)__. I was very offended by the unprofessional and inappropriate way you handled that interview and as a result, I will never again consider pursuing a career with __(name of organization)__.

Yours truly,