Supervisor’s Recommendation

Business Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Recommendation for __(first & last name)__

__(first & last name)__ worked under my supervision in the position of __(name of position)__ from __(date)__ until __(date)__. __His/her__ responsibilities included __(responsibility 1)__, __(responsibility 2)__, and __(responsibility 3)__.

During the course of __his/her__ employment with us, __(name)__ had proven to be a dedicated and hard worker. I was quite impressed by not only __(first name’s)__ talents, but also __his/her__ ability to complete all work assigned on time. __His/her__ work was always thorough and accurate. This quite often prompted us to confidently assign more challenging projects to __him/her__ .

Overall, __(first name)__ was a very conscientious and able employee. I certainly believe __he/she__ has what it takes to succeed no matter where __he/she__ goes and I am very sad to see __him/her__ leave. I would without a doubt, strongly recommend __(name)__ for any position in the area of __(career field)__.