Letter of Recommendation

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Letter of Recommendation for __(name)__

It is with great pleasure that I recommend __(name)__. I have known __him/her__ for __(#)__ years and have found __him/her__ to be an exceptional individual.

__(name)__ has always demonstrated a high degree of integrity in all __his/her__ endeavors. __He/she__ has an endless supply of ambition and is always willing to take on great responsibilities to see projects through to their respective ends. More than once, I have seen __(name)__ quite naturally elevate to the leadership roll in various projects, a position where __he/she__ is highly respected.

A good example of one of __his/her__ great accomplishments is when __he/she__ took on a __(type of project/task/event)__. __(Here give brief a description of project/task/event, actual role taken on and end result - 3 to 4 sentences max.)__.

__(name)__ would be an asset to any organization and I am happy to give __him/her__ my wholehearted endorsement.