Recommendation from Former Supervisor

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Letter of Recommendation for __(name)__

__(name)__ was employed as a __(position)__ for __(name of company)__ from __(mo/year to mo/year)__, during which time I was __his/her__ supervisor. __He/she__ was very conscientious about __his/her__ work and always produced excellent results. __His/her__ good judgment inevitably ensured a logical and practical approach to __his/her__ endeavors.

It was reassuring to me to have such a dependable individual on my team and I was saddened to see __him/her__ leave. __He/She__ was always willing to give __her/his__ best efforts and took on extra responsibilities whenever needed, to assist in projects. I could always count on __(name)__ to put __his/her__ best foot forward and believe I was very fortunate to have had __him/her__ on my team.

__(name)__ deserves serious consideration as a potential employee and I highly recommend __him/her__.