Recommendation of Former Employee

Business Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: (Name of former Employee) - Letter of Recommendation

__(Name)__ worked as part of my team from __(date)__ to __(date)__. During this period I found __(him/her)__ to be a very pleasant and hard-working individual who takes a great deal of pride in __(his/her)__ work. __(He/She)__ proved to be a valued team member, willing to offer assistance where ever needed.

__(Her/His)__ attention to detail exemplifies that __(he/she)__ is a conscientious employee ensuring that whatever task __(he/she)__ takes on, it is done well. __(Name)__ takes direction very well, always presents good ideas in resolving problems and is able to work very well independently. Without hesitation, I would recommend __(him/her)__ to any organization. I believe that __(He/She)__ will, without a doubt, prove to be a valuable asset to any company __(he/she)__ chooses to work for.

I wish __(him/her)__ the very best in __(his/her)__ new career endeavors.

Yours truly,